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As one of the most useful apps out there at the moment for chatting with people across the street as well as across the globe, whatsapp download has been able to establish itself as the go-to app for those who need a great chat app similar to the likes of Blackberry Messenger. It’s available for various phones and gives you an easy way to send media and messages to friends and family anywhere in the world.

whatsapp download

You might have recently seen in the news that WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for a whopping $19b in February, making it one of the most expensive messenger services of all time. It’s got a huge usership of around 70m users in India alone, with 600m users worldwide making it the most commonly used chap app out there for mobile devices at the moment.

While most people might be inclined to go with Skype due to the more popular and longstanding name, WhatsApp gives you a huge amount of the same features and it’s even better for sending free messages all across the web to your most loved and cherished friends and family. It gives you a simple mobile option for communicating with people anywhere with ease, so long as you both have a web connection you can chat away.

The web messaging service has really come a long way since the likes of MSN Messenger, and today many people are turning to download WhatsApp as the latest alternative. It gives you so many features that make it simple to get used to and extremely powerful at the same time, making sure that you never need to miss out on a funny joke or a crazy picture again!

It makes keeping in touch with people all over the world easier than it ever has been before, so for those who are on the move a lot it can be a great way to keep yourself in the social loop if you are travelling from place to place during the day. Now, you can instant responses to your questions rather than waiting to get a signal when you are on the train!

It’s effectively single-handedly transformed SMS messaging, having handled message volumes of up to 27b in one single day before, on June 13th 2013. It’s become a widely used service because it’s so accessible and gives everyone who wants to have a simple messenger on their mobile device an easy option to pick from – after all, it’s likely that most of the people you speak to will be using it these days anyway!


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Whatsapp messenger

Having stormed into the market to become one of the most effective messengers around, WhatsApp has really established it’s credentials quickly and making it one of the most useful tools around for smartphone users.

Allowing you to send free MMS and SMS messages across phones via the internet, it’s become the main use of communication for more than 700m people worldwide. The creators of the device, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, were former Yahoo Inc. employees and went on from there to form the app that Facebook bought in February 2014 for a staggering $19b.

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to get your message across to someone quickly without any waiting for the signal to return, you can use WhatsApp to send it via the web right away. What’s better, it allows you to cut out completely your need to use any other kind of SMS message – at just 69p it’s one of the greatest value apps on the store. So, what makes the WhatsApp messenger so good compared to many that have come before it? What made it worth all that money to Facebook?

  • It’s simple and easy to use for a start – the service is completely free once you buy the app, giving you something that allows for simple communication even when you are on trains, for example, as many trains have Wi-Fi connections today while they might not get the best phone cycle
  • The tools that come with the messenger – the upload of files and media – are extremely quick to install and make the app work exactly as you need it to, this makes it incredibly appealing to those who want to send a lot of media to friends and family but don’t want to incur the extra costs from their network
  • It automatically updates itself when one of your phone contacts gets WhatsApp, searching the database to correlate with the inforamtino you have for each contact – this means that you can start to integrate your costs down and use less SMS and MMS messages as more people join you in using WhatsApp messenger
  • You can totally reduce the cost of sharing media with friends, without having to hope that they see it when you upload it online to social media. Now, you can send media to large groups of friends in seconds and without any of the associated extra costs!
  • You can send 100 messages to those not using WhatsApp totally free every month – all it takes is a simple referral to a friend, though, and this can be unlimited going forward!

Does this sound like something that you would like to use? The WhatsApp messenger is available for everything from Android to Windows Phone, including iPhone, so you can communicate across various devices using this one excellent messenger service.

WhatsApp messenger

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How to install Whatsapp on an iOS 8.0 system

Whatsapp is a popular innovation of the modern technological world. It is owned by Facebook and is the world’s most used messenger services till date. This application works on Windows, Android, Nexus and various other operating systems on desktop, tablet and smartphone platforms. The basic idea of this app has been to always stay connected with your friends and family members in an easy and convenient way. Download Whatsapp today to make sure that you always stay connected.

Whatsapp on iOS

Whatsapp has not released its messenger services for the Apple iPad, but it’s quite easy to download and install it. Here’s our recommendation on installing Whatsapp messenger on an iPad, with a redesigned format for an iOS 8 system. Whatsapp Messenger is an unimaginable popular app for the iPhone. It gives you a chance to send messages to your friends, or for gatherings of friends, over WI-Fi or 3g, along these lines saving money on your phone bill. The tragic thing is that the app is available for iPhone – there isn’t one for the iPad or the iPod touch.

In this article we demonstrate to you industry standards to install Whatsapp Messenger on the iPad. It’s some more fiddle than a standard installation, but it’s still genuinely direct – and you don’t need to escape your iPad or use any cash. You do need an iPhone at a certain point, however, to register the app. Find out How to install whatsapp today.

Step by step instructions to install Whatsapp on an iPad running iOS 8

Many experts are of the belief that Whatsapp does not run on iOS 8.0. Despite everything we’re researching how to get round this, but an astute chap on an alternate site thinks the issue is with the specific version of Whatsapp – post-iOS 8 versions, for example, 2.11.11 won’t work with the iPad, but if you can get hold of version 2.11.8, that should work alright, even on systems running IOS 8.

One way you can possibly get hold of this more seasoned version of the app is if your system has disposed of it when redesigning: experts prescribe searching your Mac’s Trash organizer down Whatsapp 2.11.8. IPA. You can then install that version, instead of the latest one – presently 2.11.12 – from the iTunes Store.

Download Whatsapp on your Mac (or PC)

We need the install file of the app, but we won’t be permitted to install it specifically on the iPad. Rather, we’ll do things the way our forefathers would have done it, and install it on our Mac. Click to download the iPhone version, and enter your secret word. It shouldn’t take long to download. Make it a point to find out How to install whatsapp.

Install Whatsapp on your iPhone

In this section, you will require an Apple iPhone. Install the Whatsapp messenger on an Apple iPhone in a normal way, start it, and then register a phone number – the one you wish to use with Whatsapp on your iPad.


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Whatsapp for android

Are you sick of trying to get a good phone contract that gives you a fine balance of web data and SMS messages? Well, you might no longer have to worry about it if you using an Android phone. With so many phones using the popular Operating System these days you might want to consider switching to WhatsApp for Android.

It’s an instant messaging service that has absolutely blown the market open, and really makes the most sense for any Android phone owner who wants to keep in touch with people all across the world with almost instant access.

You probably send most of your messages at the moment via SMS, but with the help of WhatsApp for Android you never really need to send an SMS again unless you know someone who isn’t using WhatsApp. You should be able to get a plan these days with unlimited web data quite easily, so if you want to cut back on the price you can take a smaller amount of SMS messages and just use WhatsApp instead!

It can totally replace SMS messaging for you, by using the internet to send your messages. This makes it really popular for those who live in areas with poor signals, making it nice and simple to get your messages sent quicker. So long as you have a web connection – which is much easier to get for some than a signal –your messages will be delivered instantly.

While many “Unlimited” data plans aren’t quite as high as they say, a message sent via WhatsApp is literally nothing. If you are usually connected to Wi-Fi hotspots or at home, anyway, you won’t ever really notice the impact on your data usage. The only time that you should be worried with your data usage is if regularly use other apps like Spotify when you are out and around, as this will eat into your data plan as well.

If you just intend to use your data plan for sending messages and browsing the web, though, you’ll have an unlimited supply. Try and use Wi-Fi whenever possible as well to help minimize the usage of your data usage. So, if you want to get a cheaper phone contract it’s never been easier than cutting back on the SMS messages and using WhatsApp for Android instead!

Simply wait for your re-negotiation period to come up and make some changes to your plan, and reap the rewards thanks to your handy new messenger app.

whatsapp android

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Whatsapp for iphone

For many iPhone users, the main choice of app for talking to others and easily messaging one another is Facetime. However, it’s time that there was some competition on the market for the popular service and it has arrived, in the form of WhatsApp.

The popular messenger service is available for various Smartphone Operating Systems and gives you a simple and effective way to message those on the other side of the world from you almost instantly.

Rather than using typical messaging lines like SMS texts, it sends the message via the internet. Thanks to connections to hotspots and things like 4G, you can find that sending internet messags is much faster. No more waiting around for your pohne to find a signal or waving t around in the air trying to find a decent connection when you use WhatsApp!

It totally negates the need for any SMS messages unless you are going to message someone who isn’t using WhatsApp for iPhone. However, as it’s establishing itself as one of the key names in the app store for iPhone it’s more than likely they will have it at least installed. If you aren’t sure what you should be using out of Facetime and WhatsApp we’ve compared them below;

whatsapp iphoneFacetime

Facetime was first seen on the iPhone4S and since then has become a reliable messaging service – it works with the front-facing camera on the phone so that you can both have simple and easy video chats. It made its name as the iPhones answer to carrying out long-distance calls and so long as you are connected to Wi-Fi, your calls will be totally free!

While it has it’s uses, it’s not quite as versatile as WhatsApp which has built on the success of Facetime to put plenty of features into the one bundle for ease of access.


The premium messaging service at the moment, WhatsApp for iPhone has become a hugely popular tool for those who have previously used a BlackBerry in the past especially. It’s very similar to Blackberry Messenger, offering a fresh perspective by making it easy to receive SMS and MMS messages for free.

It allows you to contact phones that use other Operating Systems, so long as they have the app installed. It allows for simple messaging between one another and while it may not offer the same video calling that Facetime provides, it gives you plenty of other useful features that means it can be an easier and more streamlined form of communication with someone else.

whatsapp ios

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Whatsapp for pc

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular smartphone apps made in quite some time, providing and excellent alternative to many of the conventional tools out there that people tend to turn to when they want to keep in contact with people all across the web. It gives you easy and instant internet messaging services that can be incredibly cost-effective if you want to keep in touch with a friend or relative across the other side of the world.

However, WhatsApp is not just for smartphone devices anymore. While you might think that Skype has the PC market boxed off, there are plenty of users of WhatsApp online on the PC now as well thanks to the simple addition to the market. It uses contacts from your Gmail account to easily create a list of people to keep in contact with easily and effectively from here on in.

However, to use WhatsApp on the PC you do need to do a bit of messing around to get it to work. To get started, you need to download something known as BlueStack. This lets you run Android apps on your PC or your laptop, acting as a software emulator. The vast majority of apps out there are BlueStacks compatible as well, so if you want to get started you just need to download the software itself.

Once you’ve installed BlueStacks following the simple wizard prompt, you can then install WhatsApp to your PC by using the simple search function in the BlueStacks sotware itself. This will take you to an emulation of the Google Play Store, and make it easy to install the app that you are looking for. Simply add in your Google account details to get it to fire up, making it simple for you to log back in the future and keep a detailed list of contacts for the future.

Once you do the SMS verification process – so make sure that you use a real number! – You’ll be able to use WhatsApp on your PC for any reason that you might need to. This makes staying in the loop on a laptop when on the move much easier as you don’t want to drain your phones battery too much, so use this emulator to keep your conversation going as long as the journey takes!

whatsapp pc

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